The GestAsssured™ test

The GestAssured™ test is a rapid diagnostic test for preeclampsia that is currently in development.
This novel test is based on research led by two doctors seeking tools for diagnosing preeclampsia. They discovered protein that is misfolded and aggregated in urine of women who have preeclampsia. Research has shown a strong correlation between preeclampsia and the presence of these misfolded proteins.1-3 Detecting these proteins in urine during a diagnostic workup could provide clarity in the diagnosis of preeclampsia and improve patient management.

Get Assured Test
The GestAssured™ test detects misfolded protein in the urine of women who have preeclampsia

The GestAssured™ test is designed to be a cost-effective, easy-to-use test that fits into the existing clinical workflow. The GestAssured™ test will provide objective, reproducible, preeclampsia-specific information for use by clinicians in conjunction with existing diagnostic directives.


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